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- Relocation from the license plate

- Mini led blinkers on the front

- New brake and clutch levers from Rick's

- Beather modification

- Catch can

- Front & rear axle cover 

- Windshield 19" oem

- Sidebag DIY

-  Shorter rear turn-signal brackets

The first mod was to get rid of the towing hitch,

I made this from parts that I still had lying around from other Harley's and painted the inner with anti gravel paint to protect the fender againts rust.

Small led blinkers made of solid aluminium,

I took the Thunderbike blinkers as a example and use the ShinYo leds

Adjustable brake and clutch levers,

Breather modification


Catch Can

Front & rear axle covers

OEM - Detachable windshield

Sidebag / license cary case

Shorter rear turn-signal brackets




S&S slip-ons  


From EU to US DB-Killer

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